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Case study: storifying the customer journey

Updated: May 27, 2022

Businesses with highly technical or complex products often have a very long sales cycle. That means there are many touchpoints with the sales and marketing departments and other customer-focused teams. These teams require content to engage and inform customers at every step of the journey.

What my client needed

My client was a multinational tech scale-up with teams in the Netherlands, US, and the UK. They offer a product solution in the fast-growing and rapidly changing no-code/low-code development market. As such, the Strategy team in the Netherlands was tasked with updating the language and messaging that the business used to engage with customers in the current market. They needed to develop a full story of the product that would resonate with different buyers throughout their entire customer journey. Since the customer journey is very long and involves a diverse group of stakeholders, the sales team needed different types of content for each phase of the product purchase and onboarding, such as: blogs, case studies, whitepapers, slide presentations, infographics, and videos.

What I did

Using buyer personas that the Strategy team had already established, I began to develop a storyline for each type of customer starting from when they first became aware of low-code/no-code technology and ending with the product as a fully implemented solution within their organization. First, I examined each challenge, concern, and motivation that the customer might have along the way. Then, I countered these with the product’s unique selling points. I also conducted market research to uncover the precise language that potential customers were using to describe their challenges and the possible solutions that they were investigating. The final result of this project was a content roadmap for each buyer persona that reflected every step and phase that a customer could take until the organization was fully onboarded as a low-code/no-code developer.

Each step consisted of an article or case study and bite-sized content such as slide presentations, infographics, and videos. Those steps were then compiled for an in-depth whitepaper that could be used to connect with customers in every phase of their journey. Additionally, I created guidelines for the company's content writing so that their content creation teams could maintain consistent messaging and advance their strategic content efforts.

Here are some examples of the content that I created for Betty Blocks:

What my client said

“Megan quickly integrated into our team and brought a pivotal new perspective to our strategic content. Within a short amount of time, she became well-versed in the complexities of our product and understood the challenges of our customers. She was instrumental in developing content procedures and messaging that we continue to use and build upon.”

Victor Küppers

VP, Strategy

Project: Betty Blocks

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