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Case study: engaging a global community during challenging times

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic was a crash course in crisis communication that no one wanted. We all like to believe that we will perform at our best under pressure, but that’s not always the case. It can be especially difficult for large organizations with many stakeholders and diverse audiences to communicate clearly and effectively during times of crisis. The organization may need to quickly shift their content strategy, particularly as it pertains to their tone of voice and the information that they share.

What my client needed

One of the hardest-hit industries during the pandemic was business tourism and events. My client was an association that serves as the global community hub for international business and academic events. The association holds dozens of events annually to support the international business events community with education and networking opportunities.

When they reached out to me at the beginning of 2021, my client needed to craft consistent messaging to support their global audience during a time of extreme uncertainty. Their community was looking to them for honesty and transparency as well as optimism and inspiration. Further, they needed to inform their members about rapid industry changes and spearhead collaborative solutions. It was imperative for them, and their community, that they use this time of adversity to promote unity and catalyze the industry for positive transformation.

What I did

Working closely with the CEO, CBDO, and Director of Marketing & Events, I helped define the association's voice during the crisis. I interviewed key stakeholders to create cohesive messaging that would steadfastly convey openness and optimism while also keeping members well-informed. I wrote content to share new information on relevant industry topics such as emerging technologies, hybrid events, sustainable events, and COVID-19 event policies. Additionally, I planned media releases that aligned with the association's messaging and delivered a fresh, compelling perspective on industry developments.

Here are some examples of the content that I wrote for the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) during the COVID-19 pandemic:

What my client said

“Megan is a talented copywriter. She has been a real added value to our marketing team as the content and social media manager. A great team player, she brought creativity and dynamism to the organization while showing true diligence to her work.”

Agnès Maignien

Director of Marketing, Branding & Events

Project: International Congress & Convention Association


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