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Thanks for stopping by. Here are a few things to know about me...

I am a freelance copywriter and storyteller. To me, this means creating content that connects, engages, and inspires. I work with small businesses, startups, multinationals, and entrepreneurs. Above all, I write to try to make a positive difference in the world.


What I bring to the table is an entrepreneurial spirit, insatiable curiosity, an affinity for problem-solving, plus 10 years of experience in journalism and communications.

How I can help you

Content Strategy

Define your audience and discover the creative, human-centered
content that will spark their interest


Connect with your audience through stories that inform, inspire, and motivate them to action


Publish optimized content that attracts new audiences and engages your current readers


Showcase your business with blogs, articles, whitepapers, social media, and press releases that will give you a competitive edge

Case study

Storifying the customer journey for a multinational tech company

What my clients say about me

“Megan is a talented copywriter. She has been a real added value to our marketing team as the content and social media manager.

A great team player, she brought creativity and dynamism to the organisation while showing true diligence to her work.”

Agnès Maignien

Director of Marketing, Branding & Events 

Project: International Congress & Convention Association

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